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Learn to become a waiter, host or concierge! Earn a certificate upon completion of the course and receive guaranteed job placement assistance!
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The American Waitstaff Academy offers low cost, exemplary training in the Hospitality and Food Service industry leading to relevant certification and high employability!
We're looking forward to serving you and as always, we offer service with a smile.


The American Waitstaff Academy was created to bridge the gap between our fast moving technological age and caring Old World service. We strive to teach hands on and heartfelt customer service to an ever increasing employee pool who have yet to experience but will certainly be required to provide such service in this highly competitive and diverse global economy.


The American Waistaff Academy, while starting small in Philadelphia, PA, intends to expand outward just as our founding fathers did to encompass every market in the Continental USA consequently having impact on the way customer service is provided worldwide.